I tie a noose and I think why not
I've lost it all what the fuck have I got
I kept it quiet so my feelings wouldn't show
I didn't want my family to know
But now they see it in my eyes
Fake smiles have turned into cries
I can't go back to that
One step at a time
Back on track

I use to think I wasn't good enough
I use to think my life was fucked

A realisation in the back of my mind
I've done nothing but waste my life
Feel like a shell, hollow inside
Despise living but I'm scared to die

Now there's nowhere to hide
That fucker time ain't on my side
I guess I'll say my goodbyes
On the day of my final breath
On the day that I'm laid to rest
No longer scared of death


from Vicious Judgement, released October 31, 2016



all rights reserved


Vicious Judgement Adelaide, Australia

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