Vicious Judgement

by Vicious Judgement

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Forming in 2016 from the ashes of Adelaide hardcore band To Kill or Capture, this 4 piece group is is not one to mess around.

Vicious Judgement aim to bring high energy aggressive music with lyrics to make you think.

Already landing a a support slot for New York hardcore/metal legends Sworn Enemy, their breakthrough year promises to be a busy one.

Teaming up with 1054 Records who are on the way up both locally & internationally along with Andy Kite from Against the Grain studios for their debut release things are in good order indeed.

Already receiving exceptional reviews for their first single "TIME"
from SUPPORT OUR SCENE in Denmark & HARDCORE GATEWAY out of Belgium, Vicious Judgement is sure to be a band to look out for in 2017.

VICIOUS JUDGMENTS self titled EP will bring honest and strong lyrical content backed with a driving rhythm and intense guitar riffs !!!

The debut 5 track release will touch lyrically on societal and personal issues that the listener will be able to relate to as it's the constant battle we all fight !!

For fans of heavy HC music in the vein of Knuckledust, Crowned Kings, Terror & 100 Demons this is a release that you'll want to yell along to, turn the volume up to 11 and bang your fucking head all at the same time !!!!

Aussie HC is going strong & VJ are ready to secure their spot alongside a notable list of other quality acts such as Crowned Kings, Relentless, Her Nightmare, Southpaw & Rust Proof !!


released October 31, 2016

Mix and Mastered by Andy Kite at Against The Grain Studios



all rights reserved


Vicious Judgement Adelaide, Australia

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Track Name: Caged
Why do I feel this way
Caught in a slump every day
Forced into a corner with no way out
You won't hear me shout

When we look inside, what do we see
It needs to be turned around
Pick a mother fucker up when he's down

It's time to pay our dues
And start living true
I can't be like the rest
I feel caged in this fucking mess

Now you see my face
Determination in my eyes
Beaten and bloody
I won't lay down and die
Imma stand up
for what I'm fighting for
If you're against me
Then there's the fucking door

They got me caged
They got me locked in the fucking cage
They've got me caged
Track Name: Street Rat
Born a rat
Die a rat

You're just a fucking street rat
You have no respect
I'd happily drag you home
To the gutter
By your neck

You're talking shit
Got a sly king hit
Why don't you turn around and run bitch
You're talking smack
Behind our backs
I always knew you were a fucking rat

Born a rat
Die a rat

You wanna step up to me
Better bring the big guns
If you ain't got the balls
I got one thing to say
Run, rat! Run!
Track Name: Time
I tie a noose and I think why not
I've lost it all what the fuck have I got
I kept it quiet so my feelings wouldn't show
I didn't want my family to know
But now they see it in my eyes
Fake smiles have turned into cries
I can't go back to that
One step at a time
Back on track

I use to think I wasn't good enough
I use to think my life was fucked

A realisation in the back of my mind
I've done nothing but waste my life
Feel like a shell, hollow inside
Despise living but I'm scared to die

Now there's nowhere to hide
That fucker time ain't on my side
I guess I'll say my goodbyes
On the day of my final breath
On the day that I'm laid to rest
No longer scared of death
Track Name: Greed
Stop spreading blood of the innocent
but preaching rights for the bigoted
wealth is power in this fucked up world how do we take this any more

what's the point of fighting
they won't listen to reason
what's the point of resisting
when resistance is seen as treason

Filthy politicians with Ill-informed opinions
threaten to take it all away
the only rights we have today
so where will you be when it's time
to march in a fucking line

Fuck your oppressive state of mind

you think you got me
You ain't got shit
you can't control me
you can't control me bitch
Track Name: Stay Tough
Too many sleepless nights
There is no way out
How will I survive
With the thoughts of doubt
I must stand and fight
With my back against the wall
Give it all I got
Until the day I fall
Poisoned by the world
No good left in me
We're destroying ourselves
But we're to blind to see
Hope is slipping away
I have no destiny

I've been here before
can't find a way out
with every shallow breath
I feel the urge to shout
the walls are closing in
get me out of here
losing track of time
and the will to live

When you feel like enough is enough you gotta stand tall!
Stay tough
When you feel like the world is fucked up you got to stand tall!
Stay tough

Family to the left
Friends to the right
They want to see success
They want to see me fight
I can't lose hope
I gotta hold tight
Will I fight and swing
Or give up and die

When you feel like enough is enough you gotta stand tall!
Stay tough
When you feel like the world is fucked up you got to stand tall!
Stay tough